6 Reasons to Re-invent Your Event

Annual or regular events for the most part, are built on a ‘formula’ that is rolled out each year.

Raising the bar and exceeding expectations year on year is often difficult and time consuming.

An event is not only an expensive undertaking, it generates sales leads, is an educator, creates awareness of your brand and business, and an integral part of your PR strategy.

So how do you re-invent your event?

1. Defining your event objectives

An event professional will work with you to gain a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve as well as offering advice on additional options and trends.

2. It’s important to get it right

An event is not only expensive, but a representation of your business, and an opportunity to interact with your stakeholders, often in an informal environment. If you don’t have a clear understanding of your guest demographic, you could do more harm than good.

3. What’s new, different and exciting?

The events industry is a fast paced, fluid industry offering many creative and experiential opportunities and exciting new event trends. An event professional, will design an event incorporating trends that align with your business and clients.

4. Delegates, guests, customers get bored

We’ve all heard the term when writing ‘content is king’, well this is just as applicable to events. If your programme and speakers are not engaging, dynamic and on trend, chances are you will have an empty room mid way through, and worse still, damage your reputation.

5. Social Media Campaign

This is a very important tool for re-inventing your event. The pre-event campaign is what brings people through the doors, sets the mood for the event and creates a buzz within your industry. Regardless of your event type, there are a number of creative opportunities available to boost awareness and drive traffic to your event

6. Looking Ahead

Raising the bar, value for money (if a paying event), engaging your guests and most importantly designing a bespoke event will keep them returning year on year. A post event strategy is equally important to obtain feedback, comments and criticisms to form a platform for future improvements.

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